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Community Power

IPC Energy supports community involvement as our projects are smaller in size with the average project consisting of a total of 4 to 5 turbines.  We build smaller projects as it has a less impact on those living in the area of the project while assisting with the placement of  distributed energy generation near local load.  Our projects generally support a nearby town or host community making the community truly “green”  Not to mention the financial benefits to the host community and individual investors

“We believe that if renewable energy projects are going to be installed in rural Ontario that there would be more support from residents if they had direct ownership and interest in the project” said John Andrews president of IPC Energy.

IPC Energy exceeding expectations

  • Engage in stakeholder consultation that allows local citizens to show  their support,  voice their opinions, concerns  for  the projects
  • Ongoing and early consultation with local municipalities in a transparent manner to ensure that communities are fully aware of the progress of these projects
  • Using only fully qualified industry experts with experience in renewable energy project development

At IPC we believe in renewable energy development as a long term renewable and sustainable form of energy that has one of the least impacts on our environment while protecting the future of generations to come. 

We’re currently developing projects for the various Ontario base-community co-ops supported by (RCPPA) which have local residents and others that own these projects.

For more information visit , to participate in the project.