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Community Power
Community Power

IPC Energy is  pleased to introduce community power opportunities available for anyone interested in a green field start up.

Community power is an energy project(s) that is owned, developed and controlled in full or in part by residents of the community via a co-operative business structure. Typically, Community Power proponents include local residents, farmer collaboratives, co-ops, First Nations, municipalities and other institutions working to develop local sustainable energy projects. This is possible due to the changes to the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program  in Ontario that promote community involvement directly in projects.

Keeping Ownership and Profits Local
We at IPC believe that locally owned renewable energy co-operatives that assume a percentage of ownership is taking the right steps to improve the quality of life for not only the local host community, but for all Ontarians by investing in our future energy needs in an environmentally responsible manner while keeping ownership local – where it belongs! IPC Energy has been involved in the start up of various renewable energy co-operatives in Ontario where community members have come together with the belief that renewable energy generation is an essential way to diversify the energy mix and keep profits local.

IPC Energy is developing the following community power projects 

  • Chatham-Kent Renewable Energy Co-op Inc
  • Haldimand Community Power Co-op Inc.
  • Huron Community power Inc.
  • Lambton Shores Community Power Inc.
  • Share the Sun Solar Co-op Inc.
  • Teeswater Community Power Co-op Inc.

·       For more information on the community power projects that IPC is involved with please visit or visit our projects page.

dfaCall us today, to discuss the financial benefits associated with developing a community power projects or to join one of our partnering co-ops.

    Tel: 905-607-1016